Campus Tirol Motorsport is the place where passionate students from Tyrolean universities work on the development of an innovative electric racing car. Our motivation? Our love of motorsport and our unbeatable team spirit. Teamwork is not just a buzzword for us, but the secret of our success. We firmly believe that close collaboration between students, university and company is the key to realising our dreams. This dedication characterises everything: from the design of our racing car to the promotion of innovation in the motorsport world. Our motto is Design, Bulid, Race, Repeat!


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Our new
car - AERIS

We are designing our new racing car, AERIS. With it, we will move up into the league of the top teams. The ct6 will be faster and more consistent than its predecessors so that we can succeed in the supreme discipline of endurance.

We will maintain and consolidate our high technical level in order to get through all technical approvals without any problems in the new season. Join us on our current car's journey to the top and through a powerful performance in the 2023/24 season.


Ready to take a look at the exciting world of technical innovations? Then CTM is the right place for you. Our latest masterpiece, AERIS, is a true technological masterpiece on wheels. For those who like to lose themselves in the depths of technology and love the latest developments in the automotive sector, we have compiled the highlights of our AERIS here.

  • Target weight: <190 kg
  • Dimensions: 3,1 x 1,45 x 1,2 m
  • Maximum speed: 117 km/h
  • Wheelbase: 1530 mm
  • Power: 4×35 kW (190PS)
  • New Tesla pouch cell battery
  • Voltage: 600 VDC (140s), capacity: 6.8 kWh
  • Self-developed battery management system
  • Air-cooled cells
  • New pipe cross-section for weight reduction
  • Universal carbon seat with driver-specific insert
  • Narrower chassis for improved aerodynamics
  • Topology-optimised rocker front and rear
  • Titanium anti-roll bars with stiffness adjustability
  • Optimisation for all-wheel drive
  • Downforce-optimised aerodynamics package
  • Self-built front, side and rear wings made of carbon fiber
  • Closed undetray
  • Active aerodynamics
  • Four independent PMSM wheel hub motors
  • Stepped planetary gearbox with a ratio of 13:1 for each motor
  • Wheel torque: 315 Nm
  • Air-cooled motors with additively manufactured housings and air-cooled inverters
  • Enhanced torque vectoring
  • Optimised packaging of components
  • Improved driver interface


In our team of over 80 students, we combine expertise from various disciplines, including computer science, mechatronics, physics and economics. We are divided into business and engineering departments to ensure that all areas are covered. Together, we use our wide-ranging expertise to drive innovative technologies forward. 

Since our foundation in 2016, we have been offering students at Tyrolean universities the opportunity to gain practical experience in the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, IT, administration, business administration and many more. Become a partner and immerse yourself in the exciting world of future technologies with us. Shape the future with Campus Tirol Motorsport!


Aileen Steinhauser

Team Captain

Rachele Bonaria

Business Lead

Paul Niemann

Deputee Technical Lead

Christoph Braunhofer

Technical Lead


In the 2023/24 season, we are working hard on our new car, AERIS, with the aim of catching up with the top teams. The ct6 will be faster and more reliable so that we can master the demanding endurance discipline and join the ranks of the leading Formula Student teams. Internally, we are focussing on efficient working methods, clear communication and sustainable teamwork. Our mission: a strong performance at the end of the 2023/24 season and a place on the podium.

Join us on our exciting journey to the top!


Immerse yourself in the world of motorsport and discover exciting pictures of our racing cars in our photo pool. Fun, precision and team spirit combine to create an unforgettable mix - experience motorsport up close, off the beaten track!


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Ready to become part of our team?

Campus Tirol Motorsport thrives on enthusiasm, diversity and innovation. Whether you are a student, sponsor, partner or simply curious - we are looking for people like you! Your ideas and your commitment are the fuel for our mission. Contact us now and help us shape the future of mobility!

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