With our fifth race car, we have developed a vehicle that is capable of competing with the top 10. The most significant innovation is the use of the pouch cell battery, which has led to adjustments and improvements in all systems. By redesigning the battery format and shortening the pedals, we were able to shorten the chassis by an impressive 40 cm, resulting in considerable weight savings. In addition, the inverter was placed in front of the battery, which led to a reduction in the vehicle's centre of gravity height. The suspension system on the rear axle was also adapted due to the changed space conditions. At the front axle, the spring/damper system was extended to include a rocker and a stabiliser. Each individual component was also optimised in terms of weight, resulting in a total weight of 190 kg.


With an innovative pouch cell battery, a chassis shortened by 40 cm and optimised suspension systems, this racing car sets new standards. Experience how technology and craftsmanship merge to form an unbeatable team!

  • Weight: 190 kg
  • Dimensions: 3,1 x 1,45 x 1,2 m
  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h
  • Wheelbase: 1530 mm
  • Power: 74 kW (95 PS)
  • Switch to pouch cells
  • In-house developed battery system focussing on power density and low internal resistance
  • Voltage: 600 VDC (144s2p), capacity: 6.3 kWh
  • Self-developed battery management system
  • DC-DC converter to replace the low-voltage battery
  • 40 cm shorter frame
  • Lighter firewall with higher tightness
  • Universal carbon seat with driver-specific insert
  • Topology-optimised rocker
  • Titan anti-roll bars with dual-rate activation
  • Weight-optimised gearbox and rear wheel carrier
  • Downforce-optimised aerodynamics package
  • Self-built front, side and rear wings made of carbon fiber
  • Closed undetray
  • Independent PMSM wheel hub motors
  • Stepped planetary gearbox with a ratio of 15:1 for each motor
  • Total torque: 630 Nm
  • Water-cooled motors with additively manufactured housings and air-cooled inverter
  • Improved wiring harness with increased reliability and weight reduction
  • Repackaging of the inverter module for space savings



Pouch cell accumulator

Formula Student Austria

Extended suspension system

Formula Student Germany (most prestigious FS event)


Moritz Pernter

Team Captain

Julius Thommel

Business Lead